Travel Agency System

Managing Charter Flights- Accommodation Services- Tours


Introducing the System

Managing all services for travel and tour agencies
Flight management, tourism, sales management

Service Management

The management of the entire service range of the agency is carried out comprehensively and thoroughly through the system. If you use this system, you only need to think about selling your product and introducing the services you provide.

Connection to Web services

The system is able to connect to all the web services for airlines, rail transports, and hotels. If you have obtained your web services, they will be easily tuned with your sales system.

Comprehensive Reports

All the information you need will be reported comprehensively and in full. The information at your behest will be accessed using data-mining, and you will be provided with thorough reports.

Main Features

The travel agency system has many features some of which will be introduced below

Taking care of every need the clients might have

Managing the entire service range provided by travel agencies

Selling train tickets

Connecting to Amadeus sales system

Providing cloud services

Providing web services

Selling airplane tickets

Selling bus tickets


The services and facilities provided by the system are as follows

Flight Management

Managing all internal and international flights –connecting to web services of different airlines- managing charter sale- providing sales reports for airlines

Tour Management

Preparing every type of tour-Providing tour data-Connecting to web services of tourism sights-managing users and access levels

Sales management (for colleagues)

Providing colleagues with specialized services- providing colleagues with special discounts- specifying quota for colleagues- managing access for colleagues

The ability to connect to web services

The ability to connect to web services of airlines and rail transports provided that they are obtained by the agency- the ability to connect to web services of international airlines

Specialized sales website

Specialized website for sales and reservation services for travel agencies

IOS and android application

Specialized application for devices running on IOS and android

Connecting to the costumers’ club

If you use the SANA costumers’ club system, you can connect your database to the club.

Providing web services for colleagues

You can provide all colleagues and sales websites with your services to multiply your sales.

Price List

The following panels are pre-designed
In case you need more facilities, contact our experts


  • Flight management
  • Tour management
  • Sales report
  • Connection to the accounting system


  • Connection to web services
  • Providing web services
  • Managing accommodations


  • Connection to costumers’ club
  • Complete 24-hour support
  • Connection to web services


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